Michael Jordan Reveals Final Text Messages with Kobe Bryant

Michael Jordan has been candid about his big brother relationship with the late Kobe Bryant. Ahead of inducting Kobe into the Hall of Fame, MJ spoke to ESPN and revealed what his last text to Kobe was.

The message occurred 49 days ahead of Bryant’s fatal crash and he gave a salute to MJ’s Cincoro Tequila.

“This tequila is awesome,” Kobe opened.

“Thank you, my brother,” Jordan responded.

“Yes, sir. Family good?” Kobe asked.

“All good. Yours?”

“All good.”

Jordan would reveal that he checked in on Kobe as he coached GiGi and The Black Mamba revealed they were blowing out an opposing team 45-8.

Jordan would also reveal that he was requested to represent Kobe at the Hall of Fame by his wife Vanessa Bryant.

You can see the full story here.

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