Tank Reveals He is Going Deaf in One Ear, Losing Sound in the Other

One of R&B’s hitmakers, Tank, reveals that he is struggling with his hearing. In an Instagram announcement the star singer reveals he is going completely deaf in one ear.

“I’m going completely deaf in my right ear and I’m kinda losing sound in my left,” Tank wrote. “I’m dizzy. Can’t walk a straight line. All of this out of nowhere. Don’t know how or why. Seen the doctors, got an MRI and all that good stuff going on. Medication. All of that. But, you know, it still hasn’t given me a reason to give up. Still hasn’t given me a reason to stop feeling like I can do and be everything that I’ve set out to be.”

He added, “No matter what you’re going through, no matter where you find yourself. Whether your body is failing you, whether your mind is failing you, whether your spirit is failing you, keep going. Keep pushing. I’mma document my process just to show you the fight. Just to show you that you’re still in it. We’re still in it.”

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