Tee Grizzley Encourages Rapers to Get Life Insurance

While the world is already under stress, Tee Grizzley brought up a conversation on his social media that needed to be had. The “First Day Out” rapper encouraged fellow rappers in the industry to get life insurance and write a will.

“So look, right. As rappers, as successful Black men from the trenches, bro. We the number one target and we the least prepared, you feel me? So, I feel like everybody should have life insurance. I need everybody to go get life insurance if you ain’t got it. If you got kids, I need you to get a will set up, bro, for your kids, bro,” he stated.

While Tee Grizzley said “God forbid anything happens,” the rapper continued to educate his peers on leaving behind something for their loved ones. “You know what I’m saying? We the number one target and the least prepared. I need us to get on top of this sh*t. We need to get life insurance. We need to get our wills right, so the next generation don’t have to go as hard as we did and have to go through everything we did, you feel me.”

Check out the clip of Tee Grizzley dropping gems down here.

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