The Geto Boys’ Third LP ‘We Can’t Be Stopped’ Turns 30 Years Old!

30 years ago on this date, Houston legends the Geto Boys released their most popular album to date, We Can’t Be Stopped, on J. Prince’s Rap A Lot Records.

With Bushwick Bill’s self-inflicted gunshot wound to the eye on the album cover and their uber-popular “Mind Playin’ Tricks On Me” dominating airwaves, Bill, Willie D, and Face’s most revered album helped re-define the term “hotter than July”.

The 14 track classic was certified platinum less than a year after its release, making Geto Boys a household name and making room for Brad Jordan to drop his debut album, Mr. Scarface Is Back.

Rest In Peace to Bushwick Bill and NJ-born DJ Ready Red, who was an original member of the Geto Boys, who left the group during the recording of this album. Salute to Uncle Face and Willie D for giving us such a timeless piece of Hip Hop history!

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