The Source |Irv Gotti Gives Public Apology Following DMX Comments

During an interview with WCGI in Chicago, Murda Inc co-founder, Irv Gotti made a statement that the late DMX had passed away due to bad crack and fentanyl and since then has faced a large amount of backlash by both celebrities and fans regarding his statement.

Since the backlash, Irv Gotti has released a statement, apologizing for what was said. “First off. Let me say again. How much I love my n***a X. The fact that this is coming into Question is the only reason why I feel the need to address the bullshit,” Gotti wrote on Instagram. “I love X and love him Unconditionally and that won’t change til I die. Dog Love.”

“Now Everything I said. Had already been reported in the media. If you look back at @balleralert and @theshaderoom and other media outlets. everything I said had been out there already. I did not break anything I said. But you know what. I understand. No one wanted to hear it from me. And for that I am truly sorry,” he continued.

“Again. I apologize for talking out of turn. In my defense. I honestly thought I wasn’t saying anything that everyone didn’t hear already. If anyone thinks the love I have for X is nothing but genuine unconditional love. Just look at our history. Really look at it. And there is no way you can think that. Love you X. Until I die and see you again.”

RIP to the legendary DMX.

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