The Source |Lace To Light Around Your Edges? Celebrity Hairstylist Kiyah Wright Shows Us How To Tone It Down

“Sometimes you get a lace that’s super duper light and ashy around the hairline.” Says Emmy Award winning hairstylist Kiyah Wright who just happens to be the hairstylist to Ciara, Jurnee Smollett, Tamar Braxton, Tyra Banks just to name a few. Wright took to her Instagram to show us just how to work it out with these quick and easy steps.  

“What I like to do is to go in with a darker foundation (Find the shade that works for you), using a brush that is spongy and fluffy on the ends, we recommend MAC Cosmetics small contour brush.  Wright shows us how to tone down the lace and darken the hair by stippling the brush around the hairline where the lace is light with the darker foundation. 

“Some people go in and spray the lace with the tint spray “I’m going in with a darker foundation. A lot of you guys call it burning but I’m just gonna go in and I’m gonna tone it down using my foundation, you see I’m toning it down all around the hairline.” As she demonstrates how she does it.   She then blends some of her hair and the foundation that she just added with a small brush.  Repeating this process until she gets the look she wants to achieve.   

Although she says that this is just for hairstylists,  we know that because of the pandemic some of yall have become kitchen beauticians and this tip will work for everyone.  “If you were wearing this out you would take your time cutting the  lace and blending the darker foundation.” she reminds us.  She finishes the look by curling the wig all over and brushing them through to create voluminous waves.

 Additional Tips by Kiyah that we think you’ll love

  • When gluing down your Lace Front, be sure to let the glue get tacky, then adhere lace, using a wig cap and gently pressing the lace into the glue.  This will give you seamless application 
  • For a more Beach Wavy Style, be sure to change the direction you curl your hair with each new curl.  This will give you curls More of that Voluminous, beach wavy Style  she uses the Tt3mircro curling irons.
  • When using a color spray to blend or cover your greys be sure to keep your arm about 5 inches away from your hairline when applying
  • Treat your scalp like you treat your skin, make sure your scalp is taken care of follow up your shampoo with a good steam treatment paired with a deep moisture hair masque 

Watch Kiyah Wright’s  Full Video Here

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