The Source |The Bentley Quavo Gifted Saweetie is Reportedly On Sale For $279K At San Diego Dealership

Following Quavo and Saweetie’s public break up in March, there was a bit of controversy about what happened to the custom “Icy” blue Bentley he gifted her.

Reports emerged debunking these claims and the Icy Girl recorded a video with the Bentley’s keys in her possession.

However, Quavo confirmed that the vehicle was repossessed on the Drake-assisted single, “Having Our Way.”

“She had it her way, now she out of a Bentley (Skrrt)/(Skrrt, skrrt, get out, ooh),” Quavo rapped on the Migos record.

Saweetie is seemingly unphased as she flexed her new Rolls-Royce, but The Neighborhood Talk shared images of the car which was listed at Jake’s Motorcars for almost $300,000.

It’s unclear when the car was listed for sale but from the looks of the customized embroidered headrests that say “Icy,” it was definitely Saweetie’s old car.

The Bentley’s Carfax history lists two owners: One in California who leased it for 11 months in 2019, and another one in 2020 who leased it for four months. The second owner was presumably Quavo.

Fans dragged the Atlanta rapper for being an Indian giver and Saweetie made her opinion on the matter crystal clear during an interview with Complex.

 “I mean… if it’s mine, it’s mine,” the “Best Friend” rapper responded when asked if gifts should be returned after a breakup.

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