The Source |Tia Mowry Trades in Her Dark Hair For A Brighter Hue-Blonde

Tia Mowry is living life like it’s golden literally!  Last week she revealed her newest hair color,  a beautiful shade of blonde on Instagram, created by hairstylist Davonte Washington in LA. The looks this blonde bombshell is giving is fire!  While she is definitely giving us some serious hair envy, we know The best shade of blonde will depend on the fragility of the hair and how much lightening it can take.  Tia keeps her roots dark while lighting and highlighting the rest of her strands adding in extension pieces for dimension and fullness.  Before you go blonde this summer there are a few things to remember.  Your hair, your lifestyle and the commitment you are willing to give to it.  Take a look at our tips on how to Make Your Blonde Last All Summer

  • Blonde hair can be very drying so be sure to keep hair hydrated always deep condition hair after you wash 
  • Preserve what you got If you wear a weave, wig and or extensions protect hair with a hair oil that contain SPF use a hair oil it will protect your color and deeply nourish the hair
  • Keep your hair trimmed. We know that  you are trying to hang on to all our inches but we sweat more often in the summer months and the salt content contained in sweat can be very drying to our hair particularly our ends as they are constantly brushing up on our necks.  A regular trim will avoid breakage.   
  • Due to root growth, all-over color will need to be torched up every four to eight weeks.  Highlights can last up to two or three months, depending on what kind you get.
  • If you are not ready to make a full commitment to blonde (Trust us when we tell you, it takes a lot of work to keep it looking great. ).  Opt for a wig, you can look fabulous without all the extra work.
  • When going light, consider your skin tone and choose the best shade for you.  If you are not sure, visit your stylist or DM an expert so she/or he can help you as you transition. Trust your colorist’s opinion on how light your hair can go without damaging it. Several appointments may be required if you’re going from a dark natural color to a lighter blonde. Patience is key!

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