The Source |[WATCH] Drag-On Curses Out Security For Stopping Him At DMX Memorial

The Ruff Ryders showed up and showed out for DMX’s memorial in Brooklyn; everyone from Dee and Waah to the hundreds and possibly thousands of motorcyclists with the elaborate “Double R” emblem on their vests. Drag-On, one of the Ruff Ryders’ premiere artists, went through a little hassle with security just to be allowed in the Barclay Center’s secure area and the rapper/actor showed his obvious displeasure with the treatment in Brooklyn.

Drag-On went on IG Live before making his way to an are where a wristband is required, but was stopped by a female guard, who can be heard saying in the video below, “If you don’t have a wristband we wasting our time.”

Not long after, someone came through and granted Drag-On access, but not before he let her have it, saying, “It’s like she want attention! Now you got my motherf****** attention! How many times this stupid b**** gon’ keep f****** stopping me?!”

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